We Are Soldiers

You judge us without knowing and that’s no judge at all..for experience tells the adult what the young doesn’t know ..just give us one small ounce of feeling as a parent to child and hug us as our heart is breaking..right here deep inside ,we suffered more than you can know

Break your narrow view or try to see from our side for you break into fears sweat..all we desire these moments is your supports …WE ARE SOLDIERS

This got me crying …sent by a colleague..one was shot and still gave out a peace sign…all we ask for is your support then we figure the rest out on God…..Pray for a SOLDIER

1. What you see here is not a MOVIE! They are taking cover behind a light skin vehicle while returning fire, imagine if an RPG is shot at that vehicle, what do you think will be the fate of the men behind it? Imagine being inside a tank & an RPG is fired at the tank? First is

2. the explosion, next the smell of chemicals/fumes & then temporary paralysis. If you are still alive, your eardrums are short to hell (that’s when most men die because they can’t hear colleagues shouting that they should take cover or even hear the sound of gunfire so as to

3. know direction) you can’t move. The 40mm round just launched at your vehicle from the RPG is fragmenting and weaponizing even the body of your vehicle since metals are now in pieces and become projectiles that can and will kill you. All these happen within seconds!

4. Then you regain control of your senses only to find out you can smell something burnt, the vehicle is on fire from the impact and that smell is your flesh burning. Then you get the whiff of another putrid smell, its the smell of death; your drivers head has been blown off and

5. his brain matter is all over you. A colleague is screaming, in fact crying but the only thing on your mind is to crawl out of that vehicle instantly before you become human barbeque. You hit the ground, you don’t have time to check your injury, you need to lay your hands on a

6. rifle immediately as you wouldn’t want them to get to you unarmed. When people want to hail Dasuki, they should travel to the NE and do it in front of these men fighting to keep the country safe. Let’s see if you will return in one piece.

7. Meanwhile many service personnel are suffering traumatic brain injury from constant exposure to explosions.

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