Time and tide wait for no man

It is a popular saying that time and tide wait for no man. Events of our lives have from time to time not failed to confront us with this reality. I just took a journey down the memory lane as I reflected on my one academic year in Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Indeed, how time flies!

I can still remember vividly back in October 2014, when I read a news that the merit list of Unizik had been uploaded on JAMB website. I deliberately allowed a day to go by before checking mine. I eventually checked on the second day and found out that I was among the chosen ones, just as I had expected anyway. My joy knew no bounds to say the
least. As if to pour sand into my garri of happiness, the school swiftly denied the list on JAMB website, claiming they were not yet done with the cooking of their admission list. I was however not ruffled by the development as I had already given myself hope after painstakingly scrutinizing the 2014/2015 post utme raw results of mass communication department. As a matter of fact, I was even prepared to sue the school if they dared to meddle with
my admission for the second time running. Thank God what eventually appeared on the university’s portal was a replica of the one I had seen on JAMB website.

Meanwhile, as I waited for the release of the admission list, I went ahead and secured an accomodation very close to school gate for easy access to and fro school. Eventually, I was at Awka a day before 27th October which was the actual resumption date for freshers (as the first year students were fondly called). Since lectures were sheduled
to commence a week later, I decided to tour the school and its environs — on my “legedez benz”(foot) ofcourse. I could remember searching for mass communication department at the faculty of social sciences opposite Garuba’s square, oblivious of the fact that it was situated miles away from the faculty. After a futile search, I sheepishly retired to my lodge and waited for the next day, consoling myself with the saying: “he who fights and runs away lives to fight
another day”.

When lectures eventually commenced, I managed to find my way down to Mass Communication department. Asking my way through to the secretary’s office, I walked pass a significant number of persons sitting on waiting chairs at the department, not knowing they were my coursemates. I introduced myself to the secretary and hoped to at least get some directions on the next step to take as I was a novice. To my utmost dismay, the lady told me to go and look for my coursemates. Where? How? These questions begged for answers in my head and got no replies. I got angry at myself and at the lady and went home…(what an unserious student!)

A couple of days later, I decided to dial the class-rep’s number which I had collected on one of my tours to the almighty admin block. Behold! Kennedy told me GS lectures were on at Garuba’s square. Like Usain Bolt, I raced down to the venue where I found myself standing at the last row, from where I had to expand my ears to hear the lecturer’s tiny voice. It was only a matter of time and the “is” became “was”. I eventually settled down and adjusted to the new system. Days, weeks and months passed by, and the first semester was over.

The second semester came with similar but advanced challenges. Now conversant with virtually everything, the second semester was much better than the first when I had to stand in unending queues for clearance and multiple bank payments. By and large, quizes came, exams came, and one full academic year was over. I am glad that hence, ‘we’ will no longer be addressed as “freshers”. We are now 200 level students. Kudos to us! And thanks to God. Mission accomplished!

But I’m goint to miss Dr Leo, the psychology lecturer who gave us our reality check with an impromptu quiz during our first couple of weeks in Unizik. I will equally miss the GS Latin-speaking lecturer, as well as the ‘huge’ and ‘mean’ sociology lecturer (not the albino o) who would always threaten to bundle the ”ogas” and ”madams” out of his class.

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