The Tales of Blood on Your Hands

Dear Chief Ojukwu, I realize now that a lot of our military heroes were hurt by my tweet on Dasuki. Regardless of my intentions, it was insensitive of me to have made that statement at a time when many are hurting. I apologise wholeheartedly & have withdrawn the words.

I have always condemned the diversion of funds meant for the military and the embezzlement of pension funds. While theft is theft, some thefts are so grievous in nature that they graduate to another degree. I hope that ALL those who perpetrated the heinous act will be punished.

I will end by asking for the forgiveness of you and your colleagues in the spirit of Christmas. God bless.

On the other hand

Doc, I find this entire conversation troubling, and I’ll try to articulate why as best as I can. As you know, I’m partisan, but I’ll try to put that aside, for now.

1. Who is this Chief Ojukwu you are apologizing to? A faceless bot created by this admin? A bot that decided to use the likeness of one of the most revered Igbos?

2. This handle regularly threatens people with arrest or violence using state resources it claims to have access to.

3. It’s thinly veiled goal is to silence dissent, because it claims it has access to information that can be used to blackmail or embarrass noisemakers. In a democracy? This is the slimy thing you apologized to? This Govt apologist? This vessel of puerile propaganda?

4. Then to Dasuki. Doc, what are you apologizing for? That you stated he is innocent until proven guilty? That you saw admirable restraint in a man being illegally persecuted (they left prosecuting him ages ago)?

5. You allowed yourself be emotionally blackmailed with tales of “blood is on your hands” for stating the fundamental pillar of our judicial system: Innocent until… 6. To the brave soldiers who have given their lives, and who continue to do so. Does this troll speak for them?

7. If it did, it would acknowledge the falling morale among our troops and ask the C-in-C why he has not changed Buratai. 8. Is the war being won, with the availability of funds now available? Does Boko Haram not occupy parts of Nigeria? Can you travel to Kaduna by road?

9. Are funds not still being embezzled? Has Boko Haram not gone from attacking soft targets to overrunning military bases? Are bandits not in control of the NW? Are the lives of our soldiers not being lost?

10. Has this clown, behind his clown mask, ever spoken truth to power?

11. This vile creature was even on this platform justifying the continued detention of Sowore by this regime, against court orders.

12. Then to your apology to “our military heroes” hurt by your tweet. What about the Igbo military hero’s this handle spits on? What about Biafra?

13. This is an open letter Doc, not really for you, but for anyone who has been bullied or blackmailed into silence by these enemies of democracy.

14. This admin will pass, and the fear will be lifted. These attempts to blackmail and intimidate will be resisted.

15. Merry Xmas.

It really, really annoys me when people try to silence speech, especially when they try to use blackmail, fear and intimidation. And I’m pained that you unwittingly used your platform to validate this vicious bot.

Anyway, somethings are better discussed offline. I’m sure these ones will try to muddy the pool with their cries of “16 years of PDP” and other stories. Merry Christmas Doc, and a Happy New Year. I’ll come pay my respects to the gods in the New Year.


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