Say NO to Phone Addiction


With her eyes glued to the screen of her iPhone 7, Sheila was threading down flights of stairs, smiling like a roasted goat. She was enjoying the chat with one of her online crushers and at the same time going to fetch water for her bath.

She nearly tripped at the gate and sustained a sprain on her ankle though she can predict the extent of the injury.

Trying to pull up her pail of water, her phone slipped from her hand and almost fell into the pail of water. In preventing this from happening, she lost her balance and fell down flat kissing the earth in the process. The first thing she did was to check her phone, she gave a sigh of relief; no crack. She got up, cleaned her pyjamas and checked if people were watching. She swallowed hard as she saw her street crush pass by, “did he see me? I should’ve left this phone in my room.”

A lot of us have become so addicted to our mobile phones such that we don’t care what happens around us.

Morning, afternoon and night, even at midnight, we’re busy with our phone, either networking or chatting. Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.

*Say NO to phone addiction*

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