My Adventure to Umuelom

My journey to Umuelom, Isuaniocha, Awka North LGA, Anambra state was an interesting and adventurous one.

Firstly, I was late for wedding Mass, I came when they were snapping pictures, thanks to Zenith bank (the one at Ukwu Orji), that bank annoyed me today, the queue was so long like rope leading from heaven to earth.

After taking a shot with the bride, I decided to wait and see if I’d get free ride to the reception ground *no money to waste in this recession* I finally decided to enter bike with my course mate, we negotiated #250 with the bike man but we weren’t satisfied because we felt it was still costly. Two other bike men said #400 or #500, i was like, shebi you wan use me do business. Finally, we got someone that agreed to accept #200.

The olodo bike man stopped us at one community primary school like that but not at community primary school, Umuelom-Isuaniocha. We asked two elderly women and they directed us to one wedding reception and we went in thinking it was the same place. Chai, we stayed there for over an hour, we left the church, st Joseph the worker around past one and when we realized we were at the wrong place, it was some minutes past four, we saw a pregnant lady in a wedding dress and that was when we realized we were at the wrong place.

We rushed out and following someone’s instruction, we were able to get to the next junction where we entered bike but one bike man really annoyed me, he was looking so dirty, disgusting and ugly, gosh, where will I even start, mtcheww. Anyways, we got on another bike and left. Thank God, we safely got to the right place and witnessed the wedding reception.

Please, before going to somewhere you’ve never been before, make proper enquiries to avoid story that touches the heart like; waste of energy, waste of money, getting lost in a strange man’s land etc.

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