Mi Air Purifier 3 will purify 6333 liters of air in 1 minute

After the Chinese company Xiaomi proved itself in the Smartphone, Smartwatch and TV segments in the Indian market, it wants to see itself in the Air Purifier category as well. In this sequence, the company has launched Mi Air Purifier 3 in the Indian market. This is an upgraded version of Mi Air Purifier 2S. It costs Rs 9,999. It has been made available on the company’s official website Mi.com. At the same time, it will be made available on e-commerce website Amazon and Flipkart from tomorrow i.e. 7th November. It is made from triple layer filtration technology.

What is Triple Layer Filtration Technology: As we told you this purifier is made with triple layer filtration technology. It has three filters. The first is the primary filter, the second is the True HEPA filter and the third is the activated carbon filter. With the help of these filters, the capacity of the air purifier is greatly improved.

6333 liters of air purified in 1 minute: The first of the three filters filters the particles present in the air. These particles are of PM 10 and above. After this, HEPA filters work to filter 99.97 per cent smaller ones like PM 2.5. At the same time, talking about the third filter, it helps in removing the toxic particles and odors present in the air. It is designed with 360 degree cylindrical filter design. It purifies the air in every direction in every corner of the house.

CADR feature available in Mi Air Purifier 3 : CADR feature is also provided in Mi Air Purifier 3. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It purifies 6333 liters of air from 484 square feet in 1 minute. It has an OLED display with a touch screen. In it, you will get information on Air Quality Index (AQI) in real time.

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