Inhumane Treatment From Chisco Transport Company on Christmas

I bought three tickets at N13,000 each to Aba from at Jibowu. They gave us a rickety bus which parked up before Sagamu. Driver ran away leaving us to our fate. Passengers all stranded. Children crying, cold, mosquitoes biting without mercy. No word from Chisco.

I wonder why this kind of inhumane treatment is still in existence. Over three hours now, yet no word from Chisco transport company. Why charge N13,000 to Aba and give customers nightmares? We are at the mercy of the elements and trapped in the middle of the Bush? Is this fair?

See how has given my children and other kids on board a bleak Christmas celebration. Some passengers have resorted to self help. They’ve found their way. Most of us want to sleep in the bus but insecurity has caused sleep to flee from our eyes.

Finally the driver has reappeared. Number of Passengers has reduced. Claims he went to get a mechanic. He tries to loose something underneath the engine. I captured the pic. The conductor has pleaded with us to wait till morning. Night Bus turned to Morning Bus.

Its past 5am. We still don’t know our fate. We slept under the cold; children, women & men like refugees. Our only offence: paying N13,000 to board a bus at Jibowu enroute Aba. The bus never made it pass Shagamu. We’re abandoned. How do we get justice

We kept calling Chisco customer care phone numbers to no avail. Their manager later called around 6am to say a bus was coming for 10 passengers. 10 passengers we queried? Yes he replied. Driver said we were not up to 10 passengers left. Hmmmm. Then we hatched a plan…

Myself and two other men went to Shagamu police station to lodge our complaint. Immediately, two police men accompanied us to the place the bus spoilt to see for themselves. The driver was taken to the police station. His Conductor was furious. At the station, he was detained.

At the station, we found out the driver had been playing on us. He never spoke to the right person at Chisco office. The police officer called the Manager – Mr Afolabi informing him of his driver’s ‘arrest’. By 10:46 am, the manager called that a bus had since been sent to us.

While at the police station, by 12:04pm, a number called me introducing himself as a Chisco driver sent to us. He was at the spot. We left the police station and got there to see a 25 seater bus. It didn’t contain all of us. Those who had bigger luggages were ‘screened out’.

We set out to Aba. Jeez! The relief bus was bad. We practically stopped and sourced for water every 30mins. The bus was overheating. Driver stopped at least 20 times. He pleaded with us and even apologized to the children on board. He managed the bus and got to Owerri by 11:17pm.

At Owerri terminal, another round of drama. No BUS to Aba. About 11 families heading to Aba that night. The station manager asked that we sit at the park till morning. Probably a bus may come in & take us to Aba. Emotions ran high. They yelled, we shouted. A solider made a call.

Yeah! He made a call informing whoever at the other end of his plight. When he informed the station manager of the ‘doom in waiting’, by 11:48pm, a bus was given to us. But before then, some Chisco staff had gotten into confrontation with a woman and her daughters. Wasn’t cool.

We left owerri by midnight and got to Aba by 1:07am on 25th December 2019. Na waoh. Journey we set out by 9pm on 23rd Dec. At the Chisco park in Aba, a man named Ifeanyi threatened to beat me up for getting the police to ‘arrest’ Yellow, the driver of the ill fated bus at Sagamu.

I dared him to do so. He rained abuses and curses on me. Wetin concern me?? All the passengers to Aba congratulated ourselves for winning the ‘battle’. We wished ourselves Merry Christmas and left the park to our various destinations. Not after many swore to BoyCottChisco motors

Up till now, no word from Chisco Motors authorities. No apologies (apology ke, this is Nigeria). What if anything had happened to us in the cause of the trip. Lessons well learnt. Special thanks to Mr JB, the relief driver. If not for him, I might be still tweeting from Sagamu.

This violates the mutual understand FRSC/FCCPC and operators reached at a Summit on Dec.6th. Please provide detailed information for tracking and action.

Tnx sir for reaching out. I’m available for any details you need. Time of Departure: Monday 23rd Dec, 2019. Terminal: Jibowu Route: Onitsha – Owerri – Aba Fare: N13,000. Pls note: the bus was not the initial one assigned to the trip/route. We rejected the bus but had no choice

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