In this way, activate the Instagram Dark Mode feature, follow these steps

You must have all heard about the Dark Mode feature on Instagram. Many people may have also used it. At the same time, many people do not know how to use it. It also consumes less power of the smartphone. This feature will also prove to be quite good for the user’s eyes while using Instagram at night. This will not cause much strain on the eyes. This feature has come as a better option for Instagram users.

However, enabling this dark mode is not so easy as it is not currently made available to every user. To use it, it is mandatory to have Android 10 or iOS 13 version in the user’s phone. If either of these two versions is in your phone, then the color of Instagram will change automatically. When you use the dark mode by going to the settings in your phone, then this dark mode will be activated automatically. Currently, there is no way to activate dark mode in Instagram. Perhaps this mode will be made live for users until the company’s next update.

How to Instagram in iOS 13 Dark Mode Activate:  First you have to go to the phone settings. After this, click on Display and brightness. Now tap on Dark. This will change the theme. Now open the Instagram app and use the app in dark mode.

How to Instagram in Android 10 Dark Mode Activate: For  this, you have to first go to the pon settings. After this, scroll down and tap on Display. Now tap on the dark theme and activate it. After this open the Instagram app and use the app in dark mode.

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