Feminine Nature Of Women

Some women ain’t feminine, they talk like a man, walk like a man, and yet want a man..
That’s being Musculin indirectly!

Please be feminine, do things with small shakara don’t be too hard on the outside, C’mon smile, walk gently, you must not wear long gown to be Godfearing, wear skimpy dresses once in a while, be sexy, show some skin and always dress smart.

Don’t carry heavy loads in public, it makes a man feel you’re too powerful, as in eh behave as if you need help, be romantic na.. Don’t just jack the load as if you’re a wrestler.. it will chase men away ooo, lol…ain’t you getting my flow?

Always make up unless you’re not the make up type but a little won’t hurt, be natural but with a moderate artificial touch, you know..
Don’t paint your face like you’re a painter, let us see the real face, okay?
Use a good deodorant, be fashion informed, Stop behaving Like Mgbeke..

Even if your voice is kinda bass, try and learn female treble, talk like a woman na.
Develop a good accent, chai Igbo, Yoruba ans Ákwá Ibom accent in females can spoil show o…

Don’t pose like a goat in your photos, please use nice postures.. you know.
Try to cry in public sometimes, please don’t even create the impression that you don’t cry because it’ll mean you’re wicked.

Please be softer than a man jare.. If you act serious, e no go enter for you oh.
Thank You!!!

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