Apple rolls out new security features to maintain users’ privacy

Apple has rolled out new security and privacy features for users in view of the increasing data leaks. Due to these new security features, users will get the option to hide personal information, even email addresses. These security features of Apple have been rolled out for the company’s devices for users. Come, know about these security features

Apple ID

Talking about new security features, users will now be able to log in to apps and websites faster with the help of their Apple ID. For this, users just have to tap on Sign-in with Apple. After this, users will be able to log in to Apple’s apps and websites using their Face ID or Touch ID. Apple never tracks the profile of its users. In the new privacy update, if the user wishes, he can Heide the e-mail ID used in Apple ID. By doing this, the user’s email ID will not be shared with any app and their privacy remains. Apart from this, users can also create unique e-mail addresses for all of Apple’s platforms.

App location permission

In the new privacy features, users can control their apps to share location data or not. Through the new option, if the users want, then in order to share the location data, one can choose between the app in use, Anytime and Never.

Background tracking notifications

If an app uses the location in the background, then users will get a notification, so that the user can decide whether to allow the location of that app or not and can stop the location data.

Shared photo location control

Apart from this, users will be able to control the location during their photo sharing or not.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements

With the addition of new privacy features, users will be able to control the Wi-Fi network data. Users can give permission to any app or not. In this way, users will be able to preview their location.

Apart from this, users can also be prevented by sharing contacts. At the same time, users will also be able to locate their missing phone, whether the phone is connected to the network or not.

Noise app

Apple has launched a new voice app for devices on Apple Watch Series 4 and above. This app will notify the level of novice around you. Apart from this, many more features including bicycle tracking have been rolled out for wearable devices. 

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